Peter Lawrie


  • Accreditation in various agricultural/farming courses
  • TAFE and Defence Forces Training in radar and electronics
  • Nationally Accredited Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technician
  • Cellfield Clinician and Program Provider
  • Role in KL3 is technical support


    • Over 20 plus years of farming experience
    • Experience with family members who have learning difficulties and/or physical disability.
    • Experience as an Australian Volunteer Abroad – plantation management PNG
    • Experience with Radar, Electronics and Satellite Navigation – Defence Forces
    • Experience with Electronics –maintenance and repair – civilian
    • Experience with distance education
    • Self taught computing expertise and web design
    • Small Business Management
    • Middle Management experience

    What do I enjoy about my current work?

    It is great to see the kids become confident in their approach to problem solving.

    About Us

    Our aim is to provide quality educational assistance to students in a rural situation in the South East of South Australia

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