Carol Lawrie


  • Trained Registered Secondary Teacher, Special Education, Home Economics, Health and Music
  • Certificate in Teaching in Adaptive Education for children with special needs
  • Irlen Institute trained Diagnostician
  • Cellfield Clinician and Program Provider
  • Johansen Individualised Auditory Stimulation Practitioner
  • Accredited Podiatry Assistant (SA)
  • Nationally accredited Tutor and Business Owner







  • Over 30 plus years of teaching experience extending from Year 4 – 12
  • Experience with family members who have learning difficulties and/or physical disability.
  • Experience in developing and facilitating Open Access Education Courses, VET (Vocational Education) Courses in South Australia.
  • Year 11 – 12 SACE Literacy Assessor
  • Experience in Aboriginal Education, Integration of Special Needs Students into the Classroom (NSW) and teacher/peer training
  • Middle Management and Human Resources Interview techniques/ requirements
  • Small business management
  • Workplace Assessor and Competency Based Assessments

What do I enjoy about my current work?

  • I am a “chronic, can’t help myself, born” teacher.
  • Seeing children with learning difficulties achieve their potential, improve their self-esteem and motivation as they are given the assistance they need to learn and enjoy learning.
  • Being able to provide for local rural children, new remediation programs that would otherwise be inaccessible or unavailable.
  • Supporting the caring and concerned parents of children with learning difficulties.

About Us

Our aim is to provide quality educational assistance to students in a rural situation in the South East of South Australia

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