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Here are some questions to help in your search for answers

Food intolerances

Does your child have problems with:

  • Mouth ulcers?
  • Skin rashes or eczema?
  • Persistent runny or stuffy nose?
  • Colic or complains of stomach pains?
  • Projectile vomiting?
  • Tiredness or sluggishness?
  • Is your child a sugar lover?
  • Irritable and ‘out-of-sorts’?
  • Does the child “go bananas” after a party?
  • Is the child’s crankiness relieved by food?
  • Does the child have extreme mood extremes?
  • Is the child a fussy eater?


Is there an automatic “what” when you start speaking?

Has the child

  • failed to acknowledge your presence when you enter the room?
  • had a history of ear infections?
  • indicated poor balance and poor hearing (often go together)?
  • had trouble learning phonics sounds?
  • over- reacted to loud noises eg lawnmower, vacuum cleaner?
  • over- reacted to sudden noises eg firecracker, train?

Does the child

  • forget to pass on phone messages?
  • have difficulty remembering the order of things that are heard?
  • have difficulty following verbal instructions?
  • mix up words like ‘thin’ and ‘fin’, ‘pin’ and ‘pen’?
  • have difficulty thinking of rhyming words?
  • miss the point of the joke even though you know they have a sense of humour?
  • speak indistinctly or too loudly or too softly?
  • Do you often get the response “I don’t know?”
  • Do you often need to repeat or explain simple instructions?
  • Would the child rather show you something than explain it in words?
  • Is reading, reading comprehension and arithmetic problems hard for your child?


Does the child have a real dislike of

  • being touched or cuddled?
  • having their hair brushed or combed or washed?
  • change of any kind?
  • standing still for 20 secs with eyes shut?

Did your child

  • have a difficult birth?
  • fail to explore like other toddlers?
  • fail to crawl?
  • climb high and dangerous places without any fear at all?

Does the child

  • suffer car sickness?
  • seem lopsided when they walk, stand or sit still?
  • seem unconcerned about frequent falls and bruises?
  • have difficulty in learning to tie shoelaces?
  • have difficulty in learning to stack piles of blocks?
  • have difficulty in deciding which hand to write with?


Does the child

  • get headaches or feel dizzy after close work?
  • have a poor sitting posture or sit in a manner where only one eye is focussed on work?
  • have trouble catching a ball?
  • have trouble copying from the blackboard or make numerous errors?
  • have trouble keeping lines of numbers in straight columns?
  • have trouble keeping writing on the lines?
  • dislike bright or fluoro lighting? 
  • Are eyes itching or burning or sore or red or watery at any time?
  • Do they complain of seeing double, the words are blurry or move?
  • Is often in trouble for “untidy” or ‘careless’ work?


Where to get help?

  • A Certified Irlen Screener or diagnostician
  • A Cellfield Clinician
  • A Learning Difficulties Specialist Centre
  • A Remedial (Special) Education Teacher
  • An Occupational Therapist
  • A Speech Therapist
  • An Educational Psychologist
  • A Chiropractor
  • Physiotherapist
  • Move To Learn Program
  • A Behavioural Optometrist
  • An Audiologist
  • Support Groups

Organisational skills:

  • Is the organisation of self and work very poor?
  • Does the child have obvious difficulty starting and/or finishing simple tasks?
  • Is there a lack of concentration?
  • Does the child lack a sense of rhythm?
  • Does the child lack basic concepts of time eg today, next week, early or late?
  • Is the child haphazard in the way they look for things in a drawer or carry out instructions?
  • Consistently lose things?

Depending on your answers to the above questions KL3 may be able to help – it is a learning difficulties specialist centre with qualifications in Irlen screening and diagnosticsCellfieldJohansen Individualised Auditory Stimulation and employs remedial education teachers.

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