Cellfield is an integrated, computer-driven program that works on visual and auditory processing.

What is Cellfield?

Cellfield is a computer-based treatment, not a tutoring or reading program. Cellfield helps individuals not only catch up in reading to the level expected by their age, but actually surpass that.


What does it help?

If your child has troubles

  • Sounding words out accurately
  • Slow reading
  • Concentrating when reading,
  • Understanding what they have read
  • Remembering what they have read

Cellfield can help.

Introduction to Cellfield

Cellfield gets results even when other programs have failed because it targets the underlying neural causes of reading difficulties at the same time.

How good is it?

In less than one month, average improvement has been between one and two years in reading words aloud and understanding what they have read. An outstanding result.



  • is designed by an Australian
  • is patented in Australia, the US, UK, Germany and Singapore
  • has interest from staff at Macquarie University monitoring ongoing research
  • has had preliminary support in research from the University of Tasmania which found that brain function changes towards a more “normal” reader after the program
  • and is supported by Dr Doidge (author of The Brain That Changes Itself)

How much time does it take?

For most children

  • Up to 27 contact hours involving assessments treatment and reporting
  • Ten one-hour treatment sessions, over two weeks with homework
  • Ten sessions of follow-up over 10 weeks

What next?

Contact us for an assessment to see if you or your child would benefit from this exciting program.

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Our aim is to provide quality educational assistance to students in a rural situation in the South East of South Australia

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